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Katerina Kaiki is a professional Tour Guide and member of the Association of Tour Guides of Thessaloniki. She is headquartered in Kalampaka, Thessaly, her hometown, where she provides private tours and group programs. This includes tours in the city of Kalabaka, the Holy Rocks of Meteora, but also in the whole region of Thessaly and Northern Greece. She specifies in providing these tours in Greek, English and Italian, but they can also be provided in any language upon your request with a small difference in cost. Katerina Kaiki with her professionalism and experience can guarantee you a journey through space and time with emphasis on the religious aspects of Meteora that will be unforgettable.

Special offers for clubs and schools!

Sample distances from major cities of Greece:

Athens: 352 km

Thessaloniki: 237 km

Igoumenitsa: 246 km

Volos: 142 km

Patras: 219 km

Ticket price to the monasteries is 2 euros.

Great Meteoro 9.00-16.00 9.00-17.00 Tuesday Wednesday (W)
Tuesday (S)
Varlaam 9.00-15.00 9.00-16.00 Thursday Friday (W)
Friday (S)
St. Stephen 9.00-13.00 &
9.00-13.30 &
Monday (W-S)
St. Nicolas 9.00-14.00 9.00-17.00 Friday (W-S)
Holy Trinity 9.00-14.00 9.00-17.00 Wednesday Thursday (W)
Thursday (S)
Rousano 9.00-14.00 9.00-18.00 Wednesday (W-S)

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